Four Stars (****)

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Grabbed a few more of these & then the lights went out. Oh well, now they're here!
A holy grail item amongst deep NZ collectors, the **** comp was pretty much rare right outta the gate back in 1980.

Released on the legendary Sausage label (Six Impossible Things, anyone?) in a minuscule edition of 250, most copies never made it out of Wellington. *

*** documents the city's 'Terrace Scene', which is one way of saying these bands bear zero relation to either the Gordons or Shoes This High. 13 tracks found nowhere else & offer up a fantastic snapshot of a phenomenal DIY scene most people never knew existed. Naked Spots Dance & Beat Rhythm Fashion would go on to release records, but the efforts here are my favorite. Wallsockets clock in w/3 tracks & make you wonder, is there more? Life In The Fridge Exists may be familiar to some from their inclusion of Bruce Russell's 'and the maggots dance' podcast & that track (+1 one other) is included here.

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