Flying Saucer 1947



COLOUR: Black   EXTRAS: Record Store Day 2021, Limited Edition

This release commemorates 60 years since the term 'Flying Saucer' was coined with sightings of UFOs at Roswell, Portland and elsewhere. Together with his band that Hosono calls World Shyness, he plays new versions of old Hosono tunes, and songs he has covered before, with a 'UFO' theme to them.

The group comprises of Haruomi Hosono (vocals, acoustic guitar, others), Motoya Hamaguchi (drums), Hirofumi Tokutake (electric guitar), Ren Takada (pedal steel), Wataru Iga (bass) and, good to see her back, Miharu Koshi (accordion). Most of the songs have a Country & Western feel to them, but in a distinctly cool manner. Guests include minyo (tradtional folk) singers Shigeri and Kaori Kitsu and pop / avant garde singer UA.

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