Five Easy Hot Dogs

Mac DeMarcoSKU: 2812181672



The concept was to head north and not return to Los Angeles until completing an album. "Five Easy Hot Dogs" features instrumental recordings from Mac DeMarco's travels on the road. It's like being on tour, but without any performances and just spending money. All of the songs on the album were recorded and mixed in the corresponding city from each song title, arranged in the order in which they were produced.

Mac stayed longer in some places and was unfamiliar with others while keeping himself busy at all times. If he didn't know what to do in a city, he would walk around until someone recognized him and go from there. This resulted in many interesting encounters and experiences. The nature of spontaneously recording and traveling doesn't lend itself to planning or having a specific theme in mind. Fortunately, all of the recordings from this period share a cohesive musical identity. Mac went with the flow and this is the end result.

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