Elephant Room

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 **Blue vinyl**

Fan Girl started as a concept in the minds of Melbourne musician Vincent McIntyre and spiritual wunderkind Jack Wood.

Together they began to craft a collection of songs. By divine providence, front-man Noah Harris was contacted whilst in Busan, South Korea, and a fruitful bond ensued as the trio began collaborating, sending ideas back and forth between Busan and Melbourne.

Fan Girl grew to include friends and musicians Dominic Buckham, Luke Thomas and Krish Soorkia, rounding out the group's live show.

Whilst only forming less than a year ago, the band have quickly made a name for themselves on the local Melbourne scene. Recorded at Vince's home studio, and mixed by the wonderful James Cecil (Architecture in Helsinki/Super Melody), Fan Girl's debut album 'Elephant Room' is sure to leave you wanting more.

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