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Sydney folk-synth songwriter Emma Davis celebrates the release of her sophomore record 'Demons' 

After several years of struggling to write, Davis built her own studio in a furniture joinery and started to forage sounds and piece together arrangements over the gentle hum of a drop saw. As she worked, Emma sent her ideas to one of her favourite producers, Greg J Walker (Paul Kelly, Tiny Ruins, Jen Cloher, Machine Translations), and the two teamed up to shape the record over two weeks in his beautiful Gippsland studio. 

The outcome is a delicately crafted, warm and textured record. An observation of an anxious mind, a coming to terms with ageing and a celebration of the unknown. 

"She's hands down one of Sydney's best kept secrets" - Triple J 

“Davis’ voice is delicate, never overbearing. Think Sally Seltmann/New Buffalo and Holly Throsby and you get an idea of Davis’ sound.” Double J

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