Eat The Kiwi Skin



Isatta Sheriff and Koralle join forces on “Eat The Kiwi Skin“ - a six track EP that unites the talents of the East London MC and the Bologna-based beatsmith. The duo's first collabo “Laid Back“ was released in 2021 and gained 2,5 million streams to date. Even though the music is made in Italy “Eat The Kiwi Skin“ is definitely a “London thing”!

“It's a laid back journey into my world in East London.“ Isatta explains. “I paint a picture of my journey so far as a Black female rapper, and the racial politics and experiences surrounding that. It follows Laid Back’s relaxed approach to the stage where I am at making music on my own terms and speaking freely.“

On the EP Isatta is joined by fellow vocalists Lex Amor, Shumba Youth, Awate and Mercy's Cartel – all ready to eat to eat their kiwi skin.

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