Promises Promises



**2019 reissue of the 2008 album**

Following up their immaculate self-titled debut of two years prior, Die! Die! Die! return having replaced some of their previously harsh angles in exchange for poppier inclinations. "Britomart Sunset flows and bops but never wavers in the pummelling energy of Die! Die! Die!'s style, while "Whitehorses is a notably mellowed ballad speckled with no-wave inclinations. While Die! Die! Die! were first introduced to the world with a sound that flailed to deliver a jarring thrash and garage-infused assault, Promises Promises displays another side of the band. While the remnants of Die! Die! Die!'s debut sound certainly remain, this album is no question a departure. With less abrasion, it's a decidedly less aggressive Die! Die! Die! were greeted with.

One of my favorite albums ever. Period.

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