Death Chants (Used)

Death ChantsSKU: TLR-RR-008



**Used - Sleeve/NM Media/NM - Red vinyl, limited to 288**
"this group lasted just long enough to leak out a small but highly rewarding series of under-the-radar cassettes & cdrs over a year or two, with this album standing as a clear peak both in terms of scope & execution. as great as the recent offerings from various members have been (aswara, rafi bookstaber, muntjac, moonpie, etc.), there's a certain youthful charm here that’s hard to miss... a slow & spacious album full of alternating melancholy/ecstatic vibes with raga-esque acoustic guitars, chiming electric guitars, slippery liquid flute, harmonium, sparse percussion, blissed female/male vocal bits, low level bass drone, kosmic synth tickles and damaged tape warble, plus one beauty of a ‘song’... flickering neon smoke rings of sound dissolving into the atmosphere... totally stoned-out, bedroom cult, eyes to the ceiling, half naive, home-fi psychedelia..."

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