Channel 85 Presents Nittyville, Season 1 (2LP)

Madlib Wit' FrankSKU: MMS009



Stones Throw Records present Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 presents Nittyville, a full-length hip-hop album featuring Detroit's Frank Nitt. Originally launched as a one-a-month, 12-part series, Medicine Show #9 is the first to break the chronology. 

Nittyville is also perhaps the most traditional of the series, and we make no bones about it:  one MC, one producer, and a rap record all about stunts, blunts and hip-hop.

As for “Channel 85,” it is far off most dials. This album’s concept TV station runs one show only: the comic-drama, reality-musical called Nittyville, featuring Frank, MED, Oh No, Madlib, and a supporting cast of extras. 

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