Central Heat Exchange




When the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted their careers, members of Varsity, Daphne Tunes, and Living Hour decided to form a DIY supergroup spanning the North American Central Time Zone. Called Central Heat Exchange, their 2021 self-titled debut was first initiated by Jacob Stolz, who sent a snippet of a song onto Santiago Dietche, who added his own instrumentals, and then sent on to Paul Stolz and Adam Soloway to add their own thoughts and touches. 

Central Heat Exchange’s sound offers adaptable melancholy, perhaps owing to the scattered recording locales: you can imagine yourself listening to these tunes while driving down a leafy street in Oregon, or while looking out over the icy expanse of Lake Michigan, or at a last-minute midwest show in some ramshackle house. It shouldn’t be surprising the level of such well-constructed and impactful indie rock tracks as ‘Fortnight’ and ‘Tulips At My Bedside’ considering the background of the four members. It’s not a one-note process either, with more experimental cuts ‘Horsey Cop’ and ‘Tomatoes (Breath Of God)’ offering intriguing turns towards the album’s end. 

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