Buried Loot’ Demos From the House of Cash & “Outlaw” Era ’73-‘78 (2LP)

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“Pinball King” was the biggest hit in country music 35 years ago. Or at least it could have been. The artist behind the song, Loney Hutchins, cut a remarkable number of tracks that could have taken him to prominence. Instead, his career can feel like a near-miss, followed by a change of profession, some strange legal trouble, and – until now – an oddly low profile.

Fortunately, Hutchins’ music is finally getting more attention, now with the release of Buried Loot: Demos from the House of Cash and Outlaw Era, ‘73-‘78, and with more music on the way. Hearing it now delivers a bit of a shock, considering that these recordings have been hidden away for decades. To understand where this art came from and why Hutchins can reflect so happily on what wasn’t but also what was, it’s worth going back to the start.

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