Breaking Atoms

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The chemistry between the Large Professor, Sir Scratch, and K-Cut was sufficiently powerful to make Breaking Atoms an appreciated album upon its release in 1991, as well as a historically valued recording after the breakup of the original crew.

The production credits on Breaking Atoms go to the collective Main Source; listening to the album in hindsight, it is difficult to miss the stylistic trademarks (such as the raspy drum kit of the EMU SP1200 and the groove and soul music samples) that typically identify the Large Professor's production.

"Live at the Barbeque" was a very influential track, serving as the launching pad for the careers of both Akinyele and Nas. A diehard favorite of serious hip-hop fans, "Live at the Barbeque" is a classic posse cut which has not only Nas and Akinyele delivering tight lyrics, but Joe Fatal and the Large Professor also adding to the lyrical stew to make this cut historically famous. The tracks on Breaking Atoms are infused with lucent instrumentation, creative scratching, entertaining bridges, and proficient lyrics, all of which combine to make this a memorable album sure to live in the annals of hip-hop's influential recordings.

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