Boom! Boom! Deluxe

Boom! Boom! DeluxeSKU: BAF 14003




Led by singer / songwriter Dunken Francis, BOOM! BOOM! DELUXE encapsulates the sensibilities of a bygone era, emanating foot-stomping energy courtesy of rhythm section players Lance Bentley on drums and Henrieta Tornyai playing upright bass, plus Sam Swindells on guitar.

Their music also includes a healthy dose of self-irony through Francis’ tongue-in-cheek lyrics and a sense of playful musicality. Tornyai sings lead on Hanky Panky and guitar and harmonica solos are authentically delivered throughout the mini-LP.

In short, if you are looking for a post-modern Elvis or Buddy Holly to liven up your living room or car, then look no further than Auckland’s own rockabilly livewires Boom Boom Deluxe. You won’t be disappointed.

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