Boogie To The Top

Idris MuhammadSKU: KU 38



SLEEVE: VG+  MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 1978   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: Radio Station Copy

Hailed as an instant classic, "Boogie to the Top" is an unforgettable 11 minutes of grooving, funk-driven goodness. Muhammad's shining moment is his thundering, infectious rhythm, while Hiram Bullock brings the heat with smoking guitar solos. But the album isn't all high-energy numbers — there's a gentle, bluesy stroll in "Bread," and "One with a Star" injects a bit of charm into its constantly-shifting beats. Unfortunately, "Stick It in Your Face" betrays the project's quality with an overly repetitive chorus. Even though the horns are mentioned, you'll have to strain to hear them — except on "S-E-X," where their presence is welcome reprieve from the vocals.

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