Bite Your Tongue

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Spacejunk’s second full-length album Bite Your Tongue was recorded by Graveyard Train’s Matt Duffy on top of a bar in North Melbourne and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, so it was guaranteed we were in for a treat.

The Melbourne four-piece embodies the heart and soul of old-school Aussie rock – the sound, the edge, the talent and even the rock star pseudonyms. Spacejunk established a loyal following in the local bar scene and made clear their intentions to deliver fuzzed-out guitar-driven rock with their self-titled debut last year. 

The fast and firm drumming in the opening bars of ‘Raised By Snakes’ sets the tempo before frontman Mark E. Moon’s seasoned vocals take the spotlight. His frantic pleas make ‘Something I Know I Don’t Know’ a haunting favourite. ‘Warning’ kicks off the second half with a distinctly psychedelic vibe that leads into an all-out grunge assault, but the essence of the album arrives in the chorus of penultimate track ‘Time Of My Life’. 

In this quintessential punk anthem, Moon unleashes the beast, repeating the lines, “Sorry I got so wasted / Sorry I got so high / Sorry I crashed your party / I had the time of my life”. And didn’t we all? 

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