Berlin (2LP)

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Berlin is the Kadavar's third album overall and second on Nuclear Blast. It’s also their best. That’s saying a lot considering their last album, 2013’s Abra Kadavar, set the bar extremely high for other practitioners of retro-rock. This power trio has once again managed to take Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, The Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult, and countless other rock and psychedelic acts from the Me Decade and fuse them into a set of songs that sounds familiar without also sounding derivative.

It’s rare to find an album that’s nearly flawless from beginning to end, but Berlin is the total package if you’re a fan of rock ‘n’ roll. The worst that can be said about it is that the bonus track, a cover of Nico’s “Reich Der Traume (Land of Dreams),” is a bit superfluous. That’s really the strongest criticism that can be leveled against it. Every song cruises along and there’s no filler, so the album never drags over the course of its nearly sixty minute run time. 

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