Beauty Already Beautiful



Sydney outfit Spookyland's debut album Beauty Already Beautiful.
A self-indulgent yet incredibly alluring throwback that would appeal to star gazers, outlaws, posers, burnouts and hipsters alike; a tried and tested approach to guitar rock that yields fine results this time around thanks to some unique vocal ticks, solid riffing and a confidant use of volume and texture.
Beauty Already Beautiful is a fine example of muscular song craft favouring the direct approach. The stadium-sized chorus of God's Eyes certainly doesn't over complicate things; neither does the lighter-waving grandeur of Bulimic. They shamelessly prostrate themselves before rock's greatest identities, but Beauty is far more than hollow idolatry. Spookyland have a firm grip on all the details that count: deftly deployed harmonies, strong pacing and a fearless attitude to power chords that's delightful.

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