Funnelweb (EP)

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**Limited to 500 copies**

The rapidly expanding field of experimental hiphop has spawned a few true innovators, and a host of imitators, all over the globe. Rising above that bubbling soup is Melbourne based producer Aoi. Armed with a spare room full of dusty old records, analog synths, and some software, Aoi has created some of the most attention grabbing, psychedelic bangers in the country. They’ve even turned the heads of international acts, seeing him support the likes of RZA, Ras G, Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson, along with contributing beats to the work of GDP and his Slangcorp crew in New Jersey, USA. Aoi’s also been highly sought after as a remixer. Last year alone saw him re-working tracks by Faux Pas, Kharkov, and Qua (Mush Records). Somehow he also finds time to perform live around Melbourne, with MPD and laptop, and it was one of these sets that caught the eye of Wax Museum Records. Wax Museum dragged him away from his loop-digging and live show routine in order to give them enough material to fill a 12″ record, and the Funnelweb EP was born. This is Aoi’s first vinyl outing, having released a slew of mixtapes and beats via his website (, dating back to 2007.

Funnelweb is, as it’s name suggests, a mysterious and dangerous beast. Dangerous amounts of head-nodding will accompany from your very first listen, as primitive abstract drum patterns interact with lazer buzzsaw synths from the distant future. While others wear their influences on their sleeves, Aoi’s influences come together into one amorphous, pulsating blob of sound – creating something of a mystery as to exactly what is going on. According to the man himself, it’s the influence of “beatdigging culture, anime, italian zombie flicks, gold fronts, weird video games, golden era rap music, dusty drums, no quantising, prog, soul, krautrock and jazz fusion” that made it what it is. Nevermind that though, just call it “original banging beats,” and realise you’ve just found the ultimate soundtrack for your late night city sojourns, and early smoke filled mornings.

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