AOI: Bionix (2LP)

De La SoulSKU: RMM0561



Since their debut with 3 Feet High and Rising in 1989, De La Soul have continuously surprised fans by resisting the laid-back grooves and intelligent message tracks of what many consider to be hip-hop's greatest first album. But with Bionix, the second volume in their comeback trilogy, Art Official Intelligence, the trio presents themselves as a bold, new force in rap music. The cover depicts them in astronaut gear, a fitting image for their renewed energy and creativity. Even with the disappearance of their previous album Mosaic Thump, listeners can rest assured that De La Soul is back and more refreshed than ever.

The album showcases their unique talents, from groovy and sparkling productions to insightful and powerful lyrics, without sacrificing their signature positivity and upbeat style. While tracks like "Baby Phat" celebrate the beauty of black women and "Simply" pays homage to love and companionship, De La Soul also tackles deeper topics such as organized religion in "Held Down." With a strong focus

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