Any Port In A Storm

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It’s as if Craig Dermody has come from what you may call a cultural vacuum where folk and guitar music still has meaning and there’s something to be said for feelings and urgency in this rather broken celebrity culture. Split between two places, it’s not only a yearning for a lost love or nostalgia for home that pervades but a deeply ingrained yearning for past authenticity that Any Port in a Storm speaks to. Because who else could express the absurd cruelty of a life – however modern – more eloquently than Dermody, as he scats “Blood was just a-pissin everywhere” in ‘Gammy Leg’. Or illustrate just how lowdown you can get by throwing up on your computer in ‘Charlie’s in the Gutter’? When he howls, “And I haven’t done much changing in what I love” through the trundling rhythm of ‘1993’, that pretty much applies to everything, Dermody’s has experienced. There’s a standout in ‘Spring St’, with its melancholy swagger and intricate composition across layered, weeping guitar, as well as organ and pedal steel textures that are so well integrated they’re easy to miss.

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