For the Worms

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When we last heard from Gigi Lynn, Georgia Lucy Ingall, and Callum Cusick (otherwise known as Hobart outfit All The Weathers) it was on 2016 LP Tactile Textiles. The record was a scuffed-up masterclass of outsider noise – unapologetically discordant and nothing short of honest. The group of multi-instrumentalists has long been known for pivoting between styles and ideas across every release, zigging and then zagging just before you have them pegged. Today the group ushers forth its third collection of incalculable ingenuity ... For the Worms (released through the incredible Rough Skies Records), another incredible example of the band’s ability to keep listeners on their toes.

… For the Worms sees All The Weathers take its signature style (or purposeful lack of) to new heights – upping the stakes in terms of technical exactness, sonic impact, and conceptual thrust. Here, the group has imbued each track with wry critique, weaving sharp barbs (laced with irreverent humor) throughout the record’s ten tracks, each aimed at one of society’s many ailments. For example, lead single ‘Jobs For Dogs‘ tackles the exploitative nature of greyhound racing by positioning listeners in the mind of the dog (the lyrics are buoyed long by a rough clatter like the band’s gone feral), while ‘Cool’ pairs sharp twang with sarcasm-drenched fawning over insufferable and self-serious cool kids. Much like most of the band’s output to date, nothing is done plainly – jokes, stories, and metaphorical spoken-word poetry saturate the record, each fragment ensconced between jagged guitars and improvised herky-jerky rhythms. It’s a record that rewards paying attention, but it’s never a taxing exercise. Of course, popping this record on and going about your business will just as easily add a pep to your step, even if your mind is mostly attuned to other matters. These are hallmarks of a great record.

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