Aimless Love

John Prine ‎SKU: OBR002



John Prine's 1984 album  'Aimless Love' marks a huge shift in his career; despite it being his eighth release, 'Aimless Love' marks his debut album under his independent label, Oh Boy. As a result, Prine is in his prime. In 'Aimless Love,' Prine stops trying to cater to radio programmers, who struggle to categorise him due to his folk and rock strains,  and instead embraces his country influences to create an album dealing with psychological isolation. 'Aimless Love' offers a fulfilling combination of perceptive thought and genuine emotion. The clever twists in the lyrics, transforming familiar and sentimental imagery, bring a poetic quality not often found in pop songs. Though dealing with heavy topics, Prine's skillful melodies elevate and lift the weight, wrapping listeners in a warm blanket straight out the dryer.

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