A Kenny For Your Thoughts



A collaboration between Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, Peak Twins, Friendsters, Roamin' Catholics) and producer Jack Farley (Beaches, Twerps, Zond etc.) "A Kenny for Your thoughts" is an album of mutated classic pop. In the tradition of 60's pop Idols and suave crooner babes of a bygone era.

It is an album of extraterrestrial interpretations. From Billy Idol to Bob Dylan. Coming like a voice out of the void, Kenny and Farley take the hits we know and love, and give them back to us strange, brutal and beautiful. Featuring guest appearances from contemporary Australian luminaries Martin Frawley, Amy Hill, Joel Carey, Justin Fuller, Ela Stiles, Al Montfort, Pat Telfer, Amy Franz and Jack Mannix.Jack

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