Jin Mu

Zeitgeist & TucceriSKU: sape013



Jin Mu is taken from the Chinese Zodiac and translates to the elements of Metal (Jin) and Wood (Mu). this is essentially the concept of this record.. Tucceri plays a selection of wooden and metal flutes and Zeitgeist plays drums and cymbals. In this sense it's a musical connection to the natural elements and spirits embodied in these instruments.

Having worked together for several years on the project ‘Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange’ Zeitgeist and Tucceri come together here in a very intimate and vulnerable setting. This recording offers a place of reflection and healing amongst an ever imposing and disposable pop culture. In a time where we fight for each others attention in 10 second social media grabs. The duo offer something of the opposite. An opportunity to tap out of the technological bombardment and allow the listener the place to reflect, to ponder, to imagine. This record is especially poignant at a time of rising tensions in Australia about the acknowledgment and rights of the indigenous peoples and an ongoing fight for the settlement of refugees in what is essentially a nation of immigrants.

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