Fear Of The Dawn

Jack WhiteSKU: TMR-752



On his first of two solo albums planned for this year, Jack White earns his eccentricity. An illogical fusion of blues-rock and carnival prog, this music is genuinely, imaginatively weird.

Even when Jack White is the only credited musician on Fear of the Dawn, it sounds like there are six of him. Aside from the absence of Meg White, nothing has separated White’s solo projects from his work with the White Stripes more than his embrace of overdubs, which has ballooned his once streamlined garage-rock into ever bulkier, more cartoonish iterations of itself. Excess has become White’s driving muse, and he’s never piled it on thicker than he does on Fear of the Dawn, a chaotic, illogical fusion of blues-rock and carnival prog that contains some of the most outlandish stylistic experiments of his career.

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