Fan Fiction



**Limited edition gold vinyl**

There are 11 brilliant bursts of ceaseless titillation on show, lit up by caressing swathes of keys, decadent synthesised voices and bouncing moments of luxuriant guitar licks. Jessica Venables’ vocal presence throughout the album is an undisputed pleasure, particularly the climaxing, distorted warble in ‘Please’. O’Connor is softly sung yet seems to ripple with desire as each word drops. Metallic reverb expands every sibilant he utters into a blizzard. In ‘My Greatest Hit’ he hisses, gushes and sighs, blowing hotly onto a pristine, naked neck as he delivers “kiss, after kiss.” Fan Fiction is an exorbitant fancy grown wild. An escapist oasis, apolitical and serene but for the occasional heartache, which seems but a minor setback overcome in ‘Giving It Away’. It lives and breathes as an independent biosphere of fertile lands, rich with sweet fruits to be consumed by a populace of gorgeous idols. A most gracious empire ruled under the whims of O’Connor.

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