Float Me Boat (2LP)

The Real MckenziesSKU: FAT155-1



Ahoy! Merry band of miscreants, The Real McKenzies, have released a career retrospective, Float Me Boat - The 23 song collection includes all the fast-paced, sing-along anthems that you’ve come to expect over their sordid career. Along with the record, vocalist Paul McKenzie breaks down each song in detail, including their beloved, “Chip.” We included the impetus to that infamous track below.

"Charles Dickenson wrote a story and you should read it. It’s called The Devil and Mr. Chips. It’s a story about a guy who was a shipbuilder and one day the devil appeared before him with a bucket of nails and copper (as a shipbuilder, that stuff’s really valuable). Satan wanted his soul in return, but he’d have to take this wee rat with him along with the nails and copper. And that rat was a right little fucker and drove the man mad. It’s a really good read."

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