A La Piscina

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Like the environs of their native Barcelona, the music of Spanish noise popsters Aias is bright, warm, and breezy.

On full-length debut A la Piscina, the trio members build on the foundation set by the artists who inspired them -- the lo-fi sensibilities of Vivian Girls, the intimacy of Best Coast, the sweetness of All Girl Summer Fun Band -- while carving out a niche of their own. The vocals, shared among guitarist Gaia Bihr, bassist Miriam Garcia, and drummer Laia Aubia, immediately set apart the band, delivered in Catalan and sounding like a cross between Spanish and French.

While not reinventing the wheel, A la Piscina is a promising introduction to Aias and a welcome addition to the music collection of listeners with a penchant for noisy yet sweet female-centric indie rock.

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