Oh jean records - Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one of the famous rock bands that has played an essential role in the music industry. The band was founded in 1965 and has released some of the greatest albums ever made. 

More so, some of the albums include "The Dark Side Of The Moon," "Wish you were here," and many others.

When studying Pink Floyd's biography, it is vital to know who the leading members of the band were. Well, it was the lead singer and guitarist Roger Waters, bass player Nick Mason, keyboard player Richard Wright, and drummer Rick Wright. 

Further, these four musicians were the band's core members, and they decided to name the band creatively. They decided to use the initials of their names to name the band "P.F.W."

But it isn't just about the members, because the band is the perfect mix of different styles. The band has played many different types of music, ranging from heavy rock to blues and soul.

So, briefly describe the band's history.

The Beginnings

Pink Floyd was known initially as a group of five students who formed a band at Cambridge University. In addition to rock and roll and blues, they played other types of music as well. It was the reason that they gained a massive fan base. 

In 1966, these four students joined to form Pink Floyd and began their career as a band.

In addition, the band was among the fewer rock bands that became successful in the 1970s. In part, because they were able to convey their thoughts through song, they were successful. They never failed to impress their listeners with their music. 

However, Roger Waters sings some of the most amazing lyrics, making their songs some of the best. He is also a poet and uses his skills to express his ideas and feelings in his lyrics.

Pink Floyd has been able to release some hits like "Comfortably Numb," "Another Brick in the Wall," "Wish you were here," and many others. 

Thus, these songs became very popular and created a massive demand for their albums. However, the band fans are still waiting to release new albums.

The Albums

Pink Floyd has released many of the best albums ever. Each album has different songs which express the emotions of the band.

Besides this, "Ummagumma" is the highest-selling album in history. It sold more than 18 million copies in its first year. It is an incredible achievement, and this is the only reason why the band is so popular.

During the band's career, it has released many successful albums. Some of the best-selling albums are 'Dark Side of the Moon (1973) 'Wish You Were Here (1975), and 'Animals' (1977). All these albums received Grammy Awards.


On 6 June 2012, the band released a statement announcing their return to the road for a European and North American tour. It included a promise of more tours and the release of a new album, The Endless River.