Wrapped Coast/All I Can Do 12"

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Melbourne, Australia's most enigmatic trio return with a brain-bending slice of bleak mantra-rock that only they can make inexplicably addictive. Coupled with two new jams are a pair of remixes from like-minded friends and world-renowned artists Justin K Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh), and Factory Floor (DFA). Picking up where they left off on last year's sensational Little Joy, "Wrapped Coast" is tribal post-punk clatter at its finest, like a slightly deranged bastard spawn of Boredoms and Mission of Burma. The beat has clear nods to late night dance and debauchery, making Factory Floor's "The Michael Cliffe House Remix" a logical extension of the original. Four songs pushing a half hour in length on a limited-edition vinyl 12" – this is how My Disco do.

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