Woollen Kits (Used)

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**Used - Sleeve/NM Media/NM**

Woollen Kits have received a lot of Beat Happening comparisons due to Thomas Hardisty’s hearty baritone voice, but with drummer Tom Ridgewell sharing vocal duties it’s becoming less and less apparent. That and the fact that they hit a helluva lot harder than Beat Happening ever did! Their primitive punk energy via 60s jangle brings to mind none other than The Clean and here they’ve successfully executed the “stomp out one riff, add a killer hook, repeat until etched in the listeners brain” formula in a style not unlike fellow Eddy Current Suppression Ring. For those who find the current wave of twee-pop and 60s garage revival a little shallow, superficial or down right nauseating fear not, as Woollen Kits have that quality most are missing: actual human emotion. This isn’t an episode of Happy Days, Woollen Kit’s debut LP is believable in its honesty with an earnest sentiment similar to Television Personalities and The Modern Lovers. The type of band you would’ve sent fan mail back in the day (but now clicking “like” on facebook will do).

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