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For the most part, it felt like Winston Surfshirt emerged out of nowhere. In 2016, a subtle guest vocal on Polographia's Sly introduced the world to the multi-instrumental powerhouse that is Winston, but a greater national explosion came with the project's debut single Be About You the following year; a single whose infectiousness and breezy, summer-soaked drips opened the doors for releases to follow - Ali DSame Same and eventually, the project's detailed, 16-track long debut album, Sponge Cake.

Nowadays, Winston Surfshirt is an outfit that needs little introduction. Led by Winston himself, the group - which expands to a six-piece in the live realm, bringing Winston's productions to life in much the same way as Tame Impala do with frontman Kevin Parker - have become one of Australia's break-out acts in the years since Sponge Cake, a record praised by everyone from Beats 1's Zane Lowe to Elton John - the latter of which proving a significant win for the group and aided their expansion into the UK and Europe after triumphing at Falls Festival and Splendour In The Grass back home. 

Skip forward a short while later, and in 2019, Winston is readying the approach to the ambitious debut album's long-awaited follow-up, Apple Crumble. Released last Friday, it's an undertaking just as grand and intricate as the debut, with a more concise and focused duration - Apple Crumble spans 12 tracks in 43 minutes, far shorter than Sponge Cake's 16 in 56 - encouraging Winston to package the brilliance of Sponge Cake into an intricately-built collection of tracks that don't just highlight the brilliance of Winston in the driver's seat, but also look forward into their versatile future and the many musical forms it can take.

Bound together by a musical backbone infused with lo-fi jazz and hip-hop grooves, Apple Crumble dives into areas unexplored by Winston thus far. On Make A Move, the funk rhythms that birthed hip-hop's creation is moulded with gentle indie that on Where Did All Your Love Go a few tracks earlier, is brought together with a range of brass: blaring trombone and trumpet just the start.
On Crypto, a touch of nostalgia is brought into the mix via dancing jazz keys lifted out the pages of yesteryear, while on the album-opening Need You, this nostalgic sense is instead interpreted through a nod to 90s hip-hop.

It's a masterclass in Winston's continued versatility, something showcased with their debut but built upon once again with Apple Crumble's experimentalism, and one that cements Winston Surfshirt as a multi-faceted and complex musician bringing some remarkably great sounds to the table. 

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