Water On Mars

Purling HissSKU: DC533



Philly power trio Purling Hiss are based around the prolific songwriting of the multi-talented Mike Polizze, who grew the project from a time-killing basement recording unit to the real-deal band they've become on Water on Mars. The album raises production values without losing any of the group's corrosive charm, and the nine songs speed by, silently tipping their hat to a number of '90s alternative rock stars while delivering Polizze's unique take on fuzz-heavy rock songcraft. While Purling Hiss share a label and some sonic similarities with Ty Segall (papercut guitar tones, sidetracks into psychedelia, tuneful noise) and often get lumped in with the 2010s' indie garage scene, the vibe on Water on Mars is way more basement than garage. 

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