High Times (Coloured Vinyl)

Washed OutSKU: WO001



**Translucent orange vinyl**

This is the first-ever vinyl issue of Ernest Greene’s debut physical release as Washed Out, the elusive High Times cassette. No, this doesn’t include "Feel It All Around”, but it does include “Belong,” the less played-out (and way better!) follow-up that ripped up all the blogs before Greene’s proper debut release on Mexican Summer. Ranging from moody hitchhiker themes (“Good Luck,” “Clap Intro”) to MPC chop fests (“Luck,” “It’s Kate’s Birthday,” “Yeah”) and sampledelic filter house (“Phone Call”), High Times is dripping with wide-eyed naiveté from a bedroom producer (remember when that wasn’t a played out term) traversing new ground, unfettered with the burden of following up a big hit or adhering to the tropes of a genre made up by a fake blogger named Carles. Side B sports four vibey and dynamic outtakes from the original sessions appearing here for the first time ever. 

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