Violence Creeps ‎- Soul Narc



Oakland’s punk collective Violence Creeps has been busy as all get out. Not only have they been preparing to release their full-length album Soul Narc unto the world, but it is only shortly followed by their The Gift of Music 12" that came out at the end of September.

Soul Narc takes you on an all-out journey over the course of ten uniquely dance-worthy tracks. Blending in soul, surf rock, and punk aspects, Amber’s vocals are enrapturing as they’re delivered in a muffled, rough way. While “Whine” starts us off with instrumentals that sound light, airy, and fun, the work is comprised largely of heavier songs, with tracks like “Sewer Baby” and “Stagflation” adding an almost psychedelic element to the album. “I Hate Strangers” might be our favorite, though, for its blatancy and riotousness.

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