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SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 1983  ORIGIN: Japan  EXTRAS: Has insert/flyer

Undercover is an eclectic mix of hard rock, new wave pop, reggae, dub, and soul, making it The Rolling Stones' most ambitious album since Some Girls. Yet, what sets this album apart is its bleak and nihilistic attitude, filled with sickness, violence, kinky sex and loathing in nearly every song. The aggression of "Undercover of the Night," with its echoing guitars and rubbery basslines sets the tone for the rest of the album, whether it's the runaway nymphomaniac of "She Was Hot" or the ridiculous slasher imagery of "Too Much Blood." The only respite is Keith's "Wanna Hold You," but even this song can't escape the relentless bloodletting that makes this album a captivating but challenging listen. While some may find it difficult to stomach, for others, it's a compelling record that showcases the Stones' ongoing tensions, particularly between Jagger and Richards.

The lyrics on Undercover showcase some of Jagger's darkest and most chilling imagery. The lead single and top 10 hit, "Undercover of the Night", delves into rare political themes surrounding Central America. Additional tracks such as "Tie You Up (The Pain of Love)" and "Too Much Blood" reveal Jagger's experimentation with incorporating contemporary dance music elements.

Undercover showcases a musical blend of hard rock, reggae, and new wave, capturing the power struggle between Jagger and Richards during that period.

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