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Ty Segall BandSKU: CF-045



When you look at the stellar lineup of acts that have graced Castle Face Records' Live in San Francisco series (White Fence, the Fresh and Onlys and many of label boss John Dwyer's bands), it was only a matter of time before the hardest working man in garage rock got his turn. For their 20th release, Castle Face capture a blistering two-night stand from Ty Segall's Slaughterhouse-era band.
Opening this 10-track LP with a bit of audience banter that makes him sound like a gentler version of Fred Armisen, Segall shows just how unassuming he really is, making this brawny performance even more surreal and impressive. Joined by Fuzz frontman Charles Moothart on guitar, Mikal Cronin on bass and Emily Rose Epstein on drums, Segall demonstrates his true might, warts and all, on this unedited, sparsely mixed set. Focusing on tracks from their 2012 album Slaughterhouse, Segall's band keep things relatively tight in structure and loose in delivery, giving listeners a keepsake version of a gritty, sweaty, earsplitting rock show. 

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