Time To Go Home

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Plenty of bands defy easy categorisation, but very few offer the puzzling approach to low-key punk rock as Seattle's Chastity Belt. Humour and sarcasm were big parts of the band's 2013 debut 'No Regerts.' The intentionally misspelled title, sophomoric ally comedic lyrics, and goofy songs about sex and partying all pointed to a rambunctious and juvenile punk sound, but these immature sentiments were juxtaposed with Chastity Belt's woozy, midtempo musical backdrops. Vulgar lyrics were delivered in a dreggy croon by vocalist/guitarist Julia Shapiro, and obnoxious inside jokes were often hidden under gentle sheets of Sonic Youth-esque patch works of interwoven guitars.

The band's second album, "Time to Go Home," features their unique blend of beauty and absurdity with new twists. Songs like "Joke" and "Cool Slut" mix ridiculous lyrics with serious, reserved playing, while others like "On the Floor" and "Drone" reveal genuine emotion and a feminist perspective. The fusion of flip humor and dream punk is showcased even better than their previous album

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