Tighten Up Vol. 88 (Used)



SLEEVE: VG+   MEDIA: NM-   YEAR: 1988   ORIGIN: US   EXTRAS: Insert, Carrollton Pressing

Mick Jones tightens the rather free-form structures of the previous B.A.D. albums on Tighten Up, Vol. '88.

The Clash made an incredible mistake when they decided to fire the guy who wrote a lot of their music. Mick Jones didn't mope around too long before he formed another group - Big Audio Dynamite. 'Tighten Up Vol. 88' is their 3rd effort and gives us plenty of good songs. 'Other 99', 'The Battle of All Saints Road', 'Just Play Music', & 'Mr. Walker said' give us a glimpse as to what will come with the the marvelous 'Megatop Phoenix'.

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