Electric Avenue Tapes (Used)



**Used - Sleeve/NM Media/NM-**

Tied + Tickled Trio are out to destroy the mythology of the recording studio in modern music. This album, recorded entirely live in a Hamburg studio, shows how overrated the contemporary idea of the studio as all-powerful instrument can be. While these recordings are deeply layered in electronics, jazz, and dub, the fact that they were done in one take pretty much puts to rest the argument of thousands of studio wankers. The six-man trio locks into minimal percussive grooves and proceeds to hack out freestyle wind solos and free-floating basslines that are forceful and sublime at the same time. Live delays and effects make it all sound like it's coming out of a computer (which used to be a bad thing a long, long time ago). Such a drastic shift finalizes the loop in which dub producers turn their mixing boards into instruments, influencing scores of modern units, most notably Tortoise and their ilk, to micro-process their live recordings in the studio. Here, Tied + Tickled Trio make music that sounds like studio manipulations, totally live. It'd be merely ironic if it wasn't so excellent.

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