The Golden Age Of Apocalypse

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If indeed “you blows who you is”, as Louis Armstrong once famously said, then Stephen Bruner’s bass is mainline to the soul of a man whose DNA was transcribed from the stars onto staff paper. His Flying Lotus-produced debut, The Golden Age of Apocalypse, offers both stone-cold skill and uncanny astrality, picking up where the pair left off on 2010’s Cosmogramma and further distilling the jazz current running through that landmark Lotus release. A longtime contributor to others’ albums, Bruner, aka Thundercat, is accompanied by an impressive cast ranging from Erykah Badu to members of Sa-Ra and J*DaVeY, to pianist Austin Peralta and his own Grammy-winning brother, drummer Ronald Bruner, Jr. Still, the end result is unmistakably a Thundercat record -- a lush and magical document combining classic jazz fusion, futurist electronic strains, and timeless musical seeking.

Spanning a cosmic stew of players, locations, and times, The Golden Age of Apocalypse was years in the making even though Bruner had never planned on releasing his own music. But Lotus spurred him on, and each song became a journey. There’s the ebullient “Daylight”, a soft whirl of bluesy piano, New Age synth, snapping beats, and warm bass. There’s “Walkin’”, an upbeat soul strutter powered by Bruner’s digitally distorted plucks. There are raw, improvised numbers like “Jamboree” and virtuosic bass pileups like “Fleer Ultra”. One of the album’s most stunning moments arrives with a spacious cover of George Duke’s “For Love, I Come”, a taut beauty spangled with crystalline harp and keys. Bringing this string of divinely unexpected moments to a moody and cinematic close is “Return to the Journey”. There, Bruner sings, “Time will pass us by", but listeners needn’t worry. Inside of this space, time really isn’t a thing...

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