Theatre Of Pain (Used)

Motley CrueSKU: P-13138



**Used - Sleeve/NM Media/NM - 1985 Japanese pressing, with obi and two inserts, no flexi disc**

Backing away from the mild pseudo-Satanic posturing on parts of Shout at the Devil in favour of a more glammed-up image, Mötley Crüe really began to hit their commercial stride with Theatre of Pain, which broke them on MTV with the power ballad "Home Sweet Home" and a remake of Brownsville Station's "Smokin' in the Boys' Room"; the latter also landed them on the Top 40 singles chart for the first time. Overall, the guitar riffing sounds less heavy metal and more pop-metal; similarly, the sound of the record is slicker and more arranged, polished for mainstream acceptance and airplay. A higher percentage of dull filler has crept into the songwriting, but there are still enough high points to rescue the album's momentum.

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