Busted / Set Me Free (7")

The PutBacks ‎SKU: HS-002



“I’m so Busted. I’m Busted” (repeat)… and then you say… “Me, Oh, My!” (repeat) 

It’s so simple. You can interpret this bubblin’ funky gem anyway you funkin’ please. It’s got a catchy hook, a hard swinging groove, one of the baddest breakdowns you’ll hear in 2010 and then you get to sing-a-long, chant-style like an army of footballers. Funky footballers… 

The PutBacks re-work the classic track from Ray Davies and The Kinks, “Set Me Free”. Re- work..? It’s a re-invention. The bass and drums drive this baby coast-to-coast, the organ and horns offer spurts of steam, releasing the heat as Tom Martin’s guitar simmers away that big chunk of melted butter. Now that’s a tasty ride.

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