The Most Beautifullest Thing In the World



SLEEVE: NM-  MEDIA: NM-  YEAR: 1994   COUNTRY:   EXTRAS: Ex DJ Copy. Still ink shrink.

Most of the top albums of 1994 were first records from remarkably skilled rappers hailing from the New York City, each of whom created a unique persona on their release. This includes The Notorious B.I.G., who transformed from a street dealer to a lyrical bruiser, as well as "wise beyond their years" poets like  and O.C., who pondered the complexities of life. Jeru the Damaja also emerged as a possible prophet, passionately advocating for the importance of hip-hop music and culture.

But even amongst his legendary contemporaries, Keith Murray was a standout. Hailing from Central Islip, Long Island, Murray burst onto the scene with an impressive blend of hard rock and rap. Known for his extensive vocabulary, raspy voice, and high-energy, multi-syllabic delivery, he was even given the moniker "sesquipedalian" by writer Dave Tompkins in an interview with Rap Pages, due to his frequent use of long, complex words in his rhymes. His debut album, The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World, was released on Jive Records and was met with both critical acclaim and financial success.

The beats on The Most Beautifullest are primarily produced by Erick Sermon, with occasional contributions from Robert “KP” Kirkpatrick and Redman. The overall sound is notably darker than the first single, with tracks such as “Sycosomatic,” “Dip Di,” and “Danger” featuring thick, busy, and energetic funk beats that evoke the style of a mid-1990s EPMD album.

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