Better Days (7")

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As heard in season 1, episode 14 of FOX'S ROSEWOOD! 

The Meltdown. It’s a big, bold, brassy band of twangy guitars, bumping backbeats and swinging New Orleans shuffles. Then there’s that voice. As sweet as honey. It’s soul, but it’s country too and something else indefinable; like you heard it before but don’t know where… Introducing “Better Days.” The Meltdown’s first release on HopeStreet Recordings. 

There’s a fair chance you haven’t heard that voice before, because for the last few years Simon Burke has been flying small planes out of small airfields in the dusty backcountry and taking a well earned break from the hustle of the music business to raise a young family. The time off has been fruitful. A lifetime of writing and experience is condensed into a golden set of songs and a killer new band. Simon formed The Meltdown, collaboration with saxophonist and arranger Lachlan McLean. Great players, great backing singers, that HopeStreet sound you love. It’s a classy crew, but it’s the songs that are king here. 

There are a lot of soul revival bands around, but the Meltdown’s angle is different - Simon is pretty country and Lachlan is pretty country too. It’s got a bit of that Ray Charles country via gospel thing, and little taste of dirty blues too. Echoes of towns like Euroa and Avenel, where the boys grew up, or just artistic license? Either way, if there’s one thing that soul and country can both do for you, it’s songs about heartbreak, so here’s three of them. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce to you the inimitable voice and songwriting of Mr Simon Burke. And yes, in advance, you’re welcome. 

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