The Disco's Of Imhotep - Hieroglyphic Being

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Since he began releasing music during the mid-'90s, Jamal Moss (best known as Hieroglyphic Being, among other pseudonyms and collaborative ventures) has been restlessly prolific. With dozens of EPs and full-lengths appearing via his Mathematics Recordings and highly regarded labels such as Spectral Sound and Soul Jazz Records. The interplanetary jazz equally informs the Chicago native's experimental house sound of Sun Ra and his city's industrial scene, and his spontaneous recordings, while often danceable, always defy the conventions of dance music.

In 2016, The Disco of Imhotep was his first full-length for Technicolour (a Ninja Tune sublabel focused on experimental house 12"s). It provides a good entry point for listeners who have yet to dive into his overwhelmingly vast, usually brilliant catalogue. Considering how sprawling and lengthy many of Hieroglyphic Being's full-lengths are, the album seems considerably more restrained at only 33 minutes. His tracks generally don't seem to have clear beginnings or endings, as they feel like brief snapshots of moments in time, and with all of these tracks clocking in at five minutes or less, they seem more excerpted than his usual albums.

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