High Risk Behaviour (Yellow)

The ChatsSKU: BB-010LP



**Limited to 1750 units in "piss" yellow colored vinyl**

Queensland teenage shed rock punks The Chats release their debut full length of snotty, no frills and essential nuggets.

Everything happened by word of mouth and by mistake but Smoko became an internet sensation, they started getting props from the rich and famous and they started selling out massive venues.

Each track on their debut High Risk Behaviour is a bundle of fun about idiot moments in their lives like Pub Feed, The Clap and Internet Theft. There is no deep or hidden meaning – each song does what it says on the tin, You can't help smile and fall in love with them. It sounds like Aussie greats the Cosmic Psychos downing beers with The Saints before doing shots with the Buzzcocks and then spewing it all up behind the kebab van.

An album that’s over in 28 blistering, funny, sweaty, unforgettable minutes, with half of its 14 songs failing to reach the two-minute mark.

1. Stinker
2. Drunk N Disorderly
3. The Clap
4. Identity Theft
5. Guns
6. Dine N Dash
7. Keep The Grubs Out
8. Pub Feed
9. Ross River
10. Heatstroke
11. Billy Backwash’s Day
12. 4573
13. Do What I Want
14. Better Than You

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