Bobby Womack - The Bravest Man In The Universe


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Damon Albarn enlisted  Bobby Womack to sing on Gorillaz 's 2010 album Plastic Beach , pushing the great soul singer back into action after a prolonged period of silence. Remarkably, the unlikely pair struck up a friendship, a partnership that led to 2012's  The Bravest Man in the UniverseWomack's first album in 13 years. Signing with Richard Russell 's XL Records, Womack collaborated with his longtime cohort  Harold PayneAlbarn, and Russell  on this ghostly, skeletal soul collection, each man bringing his own signatures to the table. Russell's beats intertwine with Albarn 's spectral chords, each evoking distinct memories of his past work, but even if there are clear antecedents in Russell's production of Gil Scott-Heron  or the futuristic funk oeuvre of Gorillaz, these two do not bend  Womack  to fit their needs: they free him to make a startlingly modern Bobby Womack  album, one that harks back to such previous masterworks as Understanding  and The Poet, albums that fully embodied both the singer and his times. And so it is with  The Bravest Man in the Universe , an album that sounds like 2012 as much as it sounds like Womack : the rhythms belong to the modern world, the slow, shimmering grooves undeniably Womack 's, as he's been specializing in this sound since the turn of the '70s.