Into The Dojo

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The third studio album by The Black Seeds, Into The Dojo, was released via Capitol Records and digitally via Loop in North America.

The recording of Into The Dojo began in May 2005, when band members Barnaby Weir (lead vocals/guitar), Daniel Weetman (percussion/vocals), Mike Fabulous (guitar), Bret McKenzie (keys), Lee Prebble (sound engineer) and new rhythm section Jarney Murphy (drums) and Tim Jaray (bass) once again converged on The Surgery studio in Newtown, Wellington.

The next 12 months were spent balancing touring duties and side projects with writing and jamming new songs in the studio. The result of this year-long creative process was 13 tracks of The Black Seeds’ most mature and accomplished music to date.

While Into The Dojo (named after the band’s practice room which was once a karate dojo) contains the elements that have characterised The Black Seeds’ music in the past, it also shows a great deal of development in the group’s sound. Song-writing responsibilities were shared throughout the band’s members, while Daniel Weetman and Bret McKenzie joined Barnaby Weir on vocal duties.

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