Daddy's Highway

The BatsSKU: FNLP079



The Bats' first full album continues the early promise of their EPs and, with only the slightest deviations and changes since, established their sound for just about everything that followed. Scott and company may not be the most willfully experimental of musicians, but when they're on- more often the case than not- their lovely, melancholic songs simply hit the spot. One of the outstanding New Zealand albums from the 1980s, from the lo-fi pop hook of‚ North by North through to the gentle drone of‚ Tragedy, Daddys Highway displays a quietly powerful sound that immeditedly tugs you in. There is a quirky energy throughout - such as 'Block of Wood' - that also glows with shimmering harmonies, whispered vocals, reeling basslines and a sweet sense of despair that is as catchy as it is thought-provoking.


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